Felt Insulation

Every yurt we sell includes one complete layer (roof and walls) of felt insulation. We also custom-make insulation for any style of yurt. 

Our 100% all-natural, felted sheep wool layer of insulation is impressive! It is about 3/4 of an inch thick (see photo), at least twice as thick as all other imported Mongolian Yurts. It is heavily cleaned until its color is a beautiful almost snow white. No brown or black felt here!

Wool is the ultimate insulator for temperature regulation, weather, and sound. It will help keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Mongolian nomads have been thriving in the warmth of a traditional Mongolian Yurt | Ger with felted wool insulation on the frozen Steppes with winter temperatures of -40º F and summer highs of 113º F, for thousands of years. 

The roof is usually two separate, overlapping pieces. The walls are at least two overlapping pieces that tie onto the yurt frame. Depending on our window/door placement, you might have more than two wall pieces.

How is our felt made? Mongolia has roughly 32 million sheep, almost ten times as many sheep as people. They are various breeds of local, fat-tailed carpet-wool sheep with fine fibers well equipped to withstand low temperatures, unfavorable ecological conditions, and poor vegetation. A Mongolian sheep will produce an average of 8-15 pounds of wool annually.

The raw sheep wool has been collected from nomadic herders in rural Mongolia. It is brought to a factory in Ulaanbaatar, where machines heavily clean it with natural materials and soaps without chemicals. It is then combed and spun into the finest layers of soft cloudlike fibers, layered and needled into thick rolls of insulation. This rigorous cleaning process and refined layering create clean, bug-resistant, water-resistant, fire-resistant, extra-thick felted sheep wool with consistent thickness, lines, and measurements. From wool factory, giant rolls of felt go to the yurt factory. The roof felt is custom cut and sewn into shape.

Do you need an extra layer of felt for your yurt? If you live in an extremely cold climate, you might want to consider a second layer of felt. Canada and states such as Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, the Dakotas, the upper Midwest, and New England may need an extra layer of felt. It is also something that can always be added later.

Need felt for a Western Yurt, Homemade Yurt, or Mongolian Yurt from a different company? With just a few measurements from you, we can custom-make a felt insulation layer for any Yurt you might have! Stay warmer this winter! 

Contact us today for more information. We would love to mail you a sample of our felt for your inspection!


Photo:  FIRE’s white felt, almost 3/4 inch thick, compared to the Mongolian average.