We communicate with you in detail through every step of the process, from questions before orders are placed to sending photos from Mongolia and details of the shipping container’s movement across the planet! Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know how we can help.

Many variables can influence the timing of production and shipping including week long holidays in Mongolia and China, extreme cold and other weather issues and of course global pandemics! Your patience is always appreciated. 

Please review the sections below about our ordering and payment process and contact us with any questions! Click the red bar to expand the text in the section below.


  • We take orders on a revolving basis. Please check our website for our next order deadline and expected delivery date.
  • We ship 40-foot sea containers from Mongolia to Flagstaff, AZ. All import fees, taxes, and shipping to Flagstaff, AZ, are included.
  • Since COVID, shipping anywhere, especially around the world and especially through China, has become unpredictable. We estimate the arrival of your yurt to be 6-10 months from the time of order, though things are improving.
  • Patience is required as some delays are beyond our control, such as holidays, border closures, COVID, and supply shortages, to name a few.
    1. To begin, please visit our Build Your Yurt page. 
    2. Choose your size, color, wall height, and add-ons. For detailed information and photos about each option and part, please visit our Product Details page.
    3. Give us a call to place your order.
    4. All yurts are pre-sold with full payment made prior to building your yurt unless other arrangements have been made. Please see the “Payment Terms” section for more information.
    5. Photos of your completed yurt setup and detailed measurements are sent after the building is complete in Mongolia before it is shipped.
    6. Photos and regular email updates are also sent as the container is loaded and sent on its way to Flagstaff.
    7. Once the yurt arrives in Flagstaff, it can be held for 30 days for pickup or delivery arrangements can be made. Please see the Pickup and Shipping page for more information.
  • The yurts take 3-6 weeks to make in Mongolia. However, it can take 8-16 weeks to fill a container with orders. Depending on your number in the container, you can estimate if you will be on the long or short end of the 6-10 months time estimate. 
  • From Mongolia, the container goes by train to the seaport of Tianjin, near Beijing, China.
  • It is then put onto a ship that travels to Long Beach, CA, with a stop in Busan, S. Korea. 
  • From California, the container travels to Flagstaff, AZ, by truck.
  • Once the container is loaded in Mongolia, it should take an estimated 8-16 weeks to reach Flagstaff, AZ.

Please note: 

    • Each step of the process can vary in time length. For example, the paint on the yurt dries slower in the cold winter months. Holidays in Mongolia and China are many and sometimes one week long, impacting the time between production completion and being put on the ship. 
    • There is only one way into China from Mongolia by train. The process can get backed up at the China border, at the seaport, or even at the US border/seaport.
    • Shipping from Mongolia has been difficult since the onset of COVID. The length of transit time can be unreliable. 
    • Supply issues in Mongolia have also been difficult since COVID as well as the war in Ukraine. 
    • Your patience is greatly appreciated as issues out of our control may arise.
  • All yurts are made to order and prepaid.
  • A $1,000 tax-deductible receipt is included for each yurt, Tax ID# 71-0877496.
  • Payments can be made the following ways:
    • Link in the electronic invoice – bank transfer
    • Check or money order mailed to: FIRE, PO Box 22187, Flagstaff, AZ 86002
    • Cash 
    • Credit Card through PayPal (email address : info@fireprojects.org)
  • $100 discount for each yurt paid without a credit card (bank transfer, PayPal, bank debit, check, money order).
  • Payment plans are available with a finance fee:
    • 60% down payment
    • Two, 20% payments before the arrival of the yurts in Long Beach, CA
    • 3% finance fee added to each payment
    • Additional 3% fee if paying with a credit card
  • All sales are final once delivered or picked up.
  • A 20% cancelation fee will be applied to any canceled orders. Refunds on canceled orders can take up to six months to be applied until the yurt is resold.