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With its subtle sophistication, the millennia-old design of the Mongolian Yurt (ger) generates strength, warmth, and artistic beauty, reflecting Mongolian culture and climate. These hand-crafted and custom-made homes are sustainably produced with all-natural materials. The original, portable, tiny home, the Mongolian Yurt, is affordable and easy to set up in a backyard or off-grid, with endless potential uses.  

Each one is made to order. Select your color (including nine colors and carved); choose your size (15 ft to 28 ft in diameter); add windows and make the walls tall. The price includes shipping to Flagstaff, AZ. Shipping arrangements beyond Flagstaff can be made, and setup assistance is available. 

The Mongolian yurt has two key components: the wooden frame and the covers.  They are designed to be easily dismantled and moved on the backs of camels and yaks. Mongolians can break down and set up their entire home in a few hours. Today, 30% of Mongolia still lives as pastoral nomads in yurts, moving 4-10 times a year in temperatures as low as -40º F in winter and as high as 113º F in the summer. Hundreds of thousands more Mongolians live in yurts set up for permanent residence on the edges of Mongolian cities in what are called “ger districts.”


Please visit our Yurt Details page for more information about each part.

  • 4-Wall Yurt – 176 sq. ft. (15′ diameter)

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  • 5-wall Yurt

    5-Wall Yurt – 254 sq. ft. (18′ diameter)

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  • 6-wall Yurt

    6-Wall Yurt – 346 sq. ft. (21′ diameter)

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  • 8-wall Yurt

    8-Wall Yurt – 615 sq. ft. (28′ diameter)

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