8-Wall Yurt – 615 sq. ft. (28′ diameter)

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Build your Mongolian Yurt below! Please submit your estimate so we can call you or call us at 928-779-2288 to complete your order. Click the photo album below for more photos.


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Add Side Windows (two)
Inner Wall Cover
Extra Felt Layer
Extra / Single Window - Tall Walls
Extra Door - Tall Walls
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Total Price: $ 18000


This is our largest yurt. It is roughly 615 sq. ft, about 27.8-28 feet in diameter, and weighs about 2,000 pounds. 

The 8-wall is best suited for a 1-4 person full-time home. It has the space to be able to add partitions and section off rooms. It would also work well as an event space, bunk house, classroom, or therapeutic space. You can add windows or an extra door and extra felt as needed.


Averaged measurements for each size yurt are below. PLEASE NOTE: These measurements are estimates. Since each part is handmade, measurements can vary. You will be given the exact measurements for your yurt before it ships from Mongolia.


Color Orange/Turquoise, Orange, Turquoise, Blue, Green, Sage, Red,
EXTRA CHARGE: No Color, Wood with black & gold detail, Wood with color detail, Carved 
Walls Regular Walls (Standard) – 5.9 feet tall
Doors Double Door included (Standard) – includes outer wide door and inside french doors with small windows.
REDUCED CHARGE: Subtract $200 for a single door. Outer wide door only, no french doors.
Windows No Windows included (Standard),
EXTRA CHARGE: Add 1-3 windows or extra doors (single or double). *Tall windows must go with 8-wall (28 ft diameter) since tall walls are standard.

Window / Extra Door Placement Options:
Side windows (2 total) – one on either side of the door connected with a hinge.
Side windows + one extra (3 total) – one extra window/door at 12:00 (Main door and two side windows at 6:00)
No side windows + 1 or 2 windows (1 or 2 total) –  One or two windows at 12:00 (Main door at 6:00)
Inner Wall Cover No Inner Wall Cover included (Standard)
EXTRA CHARGE: Add Inner Wall Cover 
Extra Felt Layer Single Felt Layer included (Standard)
EXTRA CHARGE: Extra Felt Layer